SEO Keywords and Tags

We had a client today with a triple figure for keywords. Guess what? Less can be more!

A few tips on selecting relevant keywords:

  • neither too general, nor too specific
  • in common usage
  • relevant to the site in question

General keywords will be competing against millions of other search results, while becoming too specific will attract better searches, – there will be less of them. Finding the balance is our goal here.

People tend to search in two to four word phrases, (single word searches are very uncommon) so make your keywords realistic.

Keyword placement

Dont limit yourself to the document body text, remember:

  • headline text (H1, H2, etc)
  • header tags: title, meta
  • HTML comments
  • URLs and links
  • image ALT tags

This barely scratches the surface of this subject, – what else can you add to it?

2 thoughts on “SEO Keywords and Tags”

  1. Dont forget keyword density. Every search engine is slightly different of course, but some things to consider:

    Not all sentences require the inclusion of keywords

    The primary keyword should not be more than 4% of total content, while secondary keywords should be less than 2%

  2. That is true Dazzle.

    Remember when doing your word count prior to calculating the density to include the instances that your user may not see (meta tags such as Alt, Comments etc)

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