PHP Script Execution Timer Class

< Often for testing the efficiency of some PHP code we use script execution calculations such as the microtime function. What is infinitely more useful however is the ability to time the execution of all, some, or multiple sections of code or series of lines.
Unfortunately I cant remember the origins of this timer class – but this code allows you to stop, start, pause and resume timing of specific sections of your php code. Thank you, whoever you may be.

Download the class here

Available methods:

start() – start/resume the timer
stop() – stop/pause the timer
reset() – reset the timer
get([$format]) Which can defaults to Timer::SECONDS but can also be Timer::MILLISECONDS or Timer::MICROSECONDS

Usage example:

$timer1 = new Timer();
$timer2 = new Timer();

// do some code

// calculate the time it takes to run a function


print $timer1->get();
print $timer2->get();

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