SourceTree broke my SSH keys

Sourcetree is a great free git GUI client for Mac and Windows. A recent update (2.4) really broke my workflow however and it took me longer than it should have to figure out what the issue was.

It seems Atlassian are enforcing a behavioural naming convention for ssh keys, which seems somewhat crazy. Rather than go through and change all my own naming conventions to align with theirs I simply created some symlinks. Problem solved.

The format needed is:

Given the syntax for creating a symbolic link:
ln -s /path/to/original/ /path/to/link
You’ll need something along the lines of:
ln -s ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/

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Taskbar Shuffle

For Boolean to recommend a product it has to be pretty good. This is one application that gets installed after each and every Windows reinstall, – and it is especially useful for those of you still using WindowsXP. Boolean is in no way affiliated with the developer, – we just want to share a software gem with you.

Taskbar Shuffle is a simple, small, free utility that lets you drag and drop your Windows taskbar buttons to rearrange them. Here’s a full feature list:

  • Full 32-bit and 64-bit support
  • Reorder your taskbar buttons by dragging and dropping them
  • Reorder your tray icons in the same way
  • Reorder tasks in a grouped button’s popup menu in the same way
  • Middle-click to close programs on your taskbar
  • Works with UltraMon (version 3+ only) taskbars
  • Tweak taskbar button grouping

If you run more than a few applications at a time, you’ll definitely find Taskbar Shuffle useful, so give it a try!

Link to download here

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