Boolean offers Unix cPanel based webhosting on fast, dependable servers (99.9% uptime). Boolean provides webhosting mainly for its own clients; although this does not mean we exclude anyone from our excellent bespoke packages. Many of our customers were alarmed that once we had delivered their project they were on their own and at the mercy of unfamiliar technology and service providers. To remove these challenges Boolean is now able to offer custom webhosting packages based on users needs, not the features the webhost wants to sell. The range of features available are the features that we use ourselves: scripting applications and databases for dynamic websites, fantastic email and services, file access, and statistical analysis packages.



Boolean believes in using the appropriate tool for the job, not whatever is the latest buzz word for management. Often for dynamic web content this means a combination of PHP, MySQL and CSS but we are also highly experienced in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, Sharepoint, and other leading application and development technologies.
Let Boolean create your next website, rich client application, or CMS and enjoy painless project delivery and remarkable results.


Website Design
Designing a website is much more than just making it look pretty. Good design is about connecting with your audience to communicate your message. Combine the knowledge of your websites goals together with proven design techniques and skill, and you have a recipe for success. Boolean can not only design a website so that it looks great, - it will also perform at its best.


Web Applications
Application design and development can often appear a daunting task. There is a lot to know: from database and testing structures, designing interaction, language techniques and more. Boolean has been in charge of developing small, single purpose applications, right through to full scale Content Management Systems. Each of these tasks received custom, professional attention. Shouldnt your web application receive the same treatment?


Bespoke packages with only the features you require including mail with spam filtering and virus scanning as standard. Multiple MySQL databases, Fantastico library and other scripts, cron tasks, FTP, site statistics and raw logs, PHP, Perl, shared SSL and hotlink protection.
Whether we are creating a dynamic application from scratch, configured CMS or weblog we have the technology and knowledge to create an outstanding impression.